• “all rise for some proper off-the-rails anarchic humour and wit…..Flying by the seat of their briefs, the faux barristers prosecute and defend with some priceless improvised observations and references that often reduce the judge and his clerk to fits of giggles, as well as the audience”

    Mirror ★★★★★
  • “This court is the only court in the land where common sense prevails and the law isn’t an ass, but the lawyers are”

    Al Murray
  • “A genuinely inventive, intelligent, comedy creation” 

    Kate Copstick (Scotsman)
  • "A superb improvised show where comedians play lawyers prosecuting and defending charges against you. Nominate whoever you’re attending with for a previous misdemeanour and sit back and enjoy your revenge if it’s one of the cases chosen. Seriously good fun. Book ahead."

    Katie Wood (Irish Sun)
  • “The jury is the audience, & their cheers decide the verdict & trust me, you’ll end up cheering both sides throughout the feel-good nature of this excellent creation”

    Mumble Comedy ★★★★★
  • “It’s the Comedy Roast meets Judge Judy and it promises to be a blast!”

    Mark Dolan (‘Balls of Steel’ Ch4)
  • “That was the weirdest gig I’ve ever done”

    Tony Law (‘HIGNFY’ BBC1)
  • “They are guilty of inventing a new thing, an energised free for all courtroom romance of humour defending sense against laughter”

    Phil Kay 
  • "Having attended more than my fair share of This Is Your Trials and enjoying every single one of them, I could not deprive our London Young Lawyers Group members of such joy; who better qualified to laugh at the legal industry?… David and his team were fantastic to work with and put on a great show thoroughly enjoyed by all – especially those who had the pub landlord, Al Murray, as their defence Barrister! A truly hilarious show!"

    Daniela Alves Valdez - Vice President, European Young Bar Association
  • "As fast on their feet as the very best barristers, but a lot funnier and with more extravagant wigs!"

    Sean Jones QC (11 KBW)
  • "This is your Trial is a fabulous concept - turning the legal system into a fun night out - even if you're on trial! I've been several times. Enjoyed equally by my lawyer and non-lawyer friends!"

    Lubna Gem Arielle - Learning and Development Consultant